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about our organisation


Lovina Animal Welfare is a non-profit charity, helping stray, sick or injured animals in Lovina. We are totally donation dependent.

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Lovina Animal Welfare aim to help stray, sick or injured animals by providing them with food, medication, shelter, rehabilitation, fostering and adoption. We also have sponsor dogs that we feed, take care of their medical bills, medicines and vaccinations to make sure they can stay with families who are struggling financially.

a few rescued dogs… their stories


Rocky was rescued in a dire state. His little body starved, covered in mange and open sores. We did everything we could to try to save him, but after a short battle with parvo, Rocky sadly lost his fight.


Nopi was brought to us by a friend who said the owner had poured boiling liquid on and in Nopi’s ear. The ear is fully recovered and the fur has grown back, but it’s a little floppy compared to the other ear. Nopi is a very happy dog now that she’s with us and no longer getting abused by her owner.


Molly was 4 weeks old when we found her in a thunderstorm, dumped at the side of the road and covered in open wounds and ring worm. She’s recovering well and on repeat medication for skin problems, also on a special diet that deals with food allergies.


We found 1 year old Champ in a ditch crying and dragging his hind legs. Found to have a fractured back with severed nerves, so his legs had to be amputated to give him more comfort and freedom of movement. He’s loving life and doing very well now. Champ has a specially made wheelchair that he’s getting used to using and drag bags when he gets tired in the wheelchair.

Our Mission

After living in Indonesia for a while, it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the many dogs that are totally abandoned, emaciated, unloved and often abused. Unfortunately, there seems to be more than ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck. People in rural areas are lacking funds to care properly for themselves, so an extra mouth to feed is just too much. We’ve been doing our best to get medical care and food to street dogs here whenever we could. We would love to continue to care for the dogs, but the truth of the matter is, it’s financially draining, so we’re reaching out for donations in the hope that we can help as many as possible.

What we do

Rescuing animals

Lovina Animal Welfare is a non-profit charity located in Lovina. We aim to save, protect and improve the lives of animals on the north part of the island. LAW rescues animals, mainly dogs and provide animals with food, medication, shelter, rehabilitation and adoption.

prime care, food and equipment

A puppy package costs £36. An adult dog package costs £39. These include: 6 packets of puppy milk formula, 10kg of dry dog food, Dentastix, flea & tick collars, dog anti-septic cream, mange spray, shampoo, worming tablets, dog bowl, 2ml de-tick formula, fish oil capsules, flea comb and a tennis ball. A 20kg sack of adult dog food costs £30. A 10kg sack of puppy food costs £20. Special dietary needs can cost £30 and upwards for a 4kg packet of food. 



Recently we have found a place for a new shelter. The restoration and repairs have begun and several people are working very hard to get this all fixed. The place is perfectly located and there is plenty of house room, an office and lots of garden space for the dogs. Any donation will be of great help to get the materials and workers paid.

vetinary cost and medication

The veterinary cost and cost for medication is often really high. The most common diseases in dogs are Parvo, Kennel cough, Mange, Distemper, Worms and Rabies and these need to be treated thoroughly. But also x-rays and operations are often needed due to dogs which are starved, abused or neglected. One of our major goals is to try to stop unwanted or unloved dogs being reproduced, therefore we have a neutering and sterilisation program in place (female £45 and male £35). Please help to get these dogs a good healthy life going forward.

Sponsor dogs

Lovina Animal Welfare doesn’t just rescue dogs, we also have sponsor dogs that we feed, take care of their medical bills, medicines and regular vaccinations. We also provide grooming tools to ensure their skin and fur is healthy. We sponsor these dogs so that they can stay with families who are struggling financially. Many dogs here are abandoned because people cannot afford their upkeep, sadly we have seen this moreso with the effects of Covid-19.

Our new shelter

“The repairs have begun on the shelter. There are many and the workers have to be paid. We’ve had to employ an electrician to rewire the whole place inside and out. The place has been abandoned for 3 years so it’s full of damp. There are huge holes in the walls and roofs. The list goes on and on. We looked everywhere locally for something suitable for the dogs and volunteers, but there was nothing. This place is 50 minutes away by car, but it’s perfect, repairs aside. Lots of garden space for the dogs. Lots of house room and an office.”

“please help us to get it up and running, we really desperately need help with this project”

Lovina Animal Welfare (North Bali Animal Aid) is a registered yayasan (charity). Registration no: 5020083151102067