May 30, 2021

Emily update: Look at Emily and how much she’s changed. 

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Thank you so much!!


May 24, 2021

Emily update: Today Emily is a little better. The vet has been soaking her fur to make it soft enough to get the scabby, dry skin off the top of her head. Now they can give her medicated baths and creams because the skin is more accessable. She’s got a good appetite and her body is functioning well. So far, so good!

Thank you to all our generous donors who help these lovely pup’s! Without you we couldn’t do this!

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May 23, 2021

Meet Emily. This tiny baby was handed over to us yesterday. She has severe demodex and eye problems. Her skin is so bad that it’s cracked, causing large open wounds  She’s now at the vet being treated and observed. We wouldn’t be able to help any of these pup’s without the generosity of donors.