Update Suzie: Today we went to collect Suzie, the pup we came across yesterday, to take her to the vet in the South. We found she’d been mauled by another dog since then. 

So now, instead of just having vaccinations and skin scrapes, she’s receiving treatment for numerous wounds. She will stay at the clinic until she’s well enough to come home, back to the shelter. Her owner doesn’t care enough to keep her secure on the property, unfortunately I can’t bear to think we’d be taking her back to danger and neglect. Please help us to care for Suzie and others like her by donating here: paypal.me/lovinaAW

June 5, 2021

Today we passed this little puppy at the side of a very busy road and pulled over to try to feed her and steer her away from the traffic. She ran so we followed her. It turned out she has an owner, but as is often the case, the owner couldn’t afford treatment for the pup’s skin condition, dog food and even a collar, which signifies the pup has an owner. We asked if we could take her to the nearest vet to get basic vaccinations and something for her skin until we can take her to our regular vet in South Bali. The owner agreed, so we took her. 15 minutes later, she had something for her skin, a 20kg sack of dry food, a new food bowl some shampoo and a collar. The only thing we couldn’t get was the vaccination because the vet wasn’t there, but the petshop was open. Tomorrow morning she’ll go to the South for a full check up and vaccinations.

We’re so grateful for the donations which enable us to help these pup’s. I truly can’t express that enough. We do the work on the ground, but our supporters are very much a huge part of everything we do. Please continue to donate, and even words of encouragement help, because we do need them sometimes when it gets tough…