This is Tara, one of our street dogs. I’ve been feeding her for around 8 months already and she never seems to put weight on and I can never get near her so that I can befriend her. Six months ago she had two pups, so I’ve also been feeding them. They always stick with Tara and are pretty scared of humans too. Sadly, she’s had another litter of pups… 6 this time. Tara lives behind my friend’s house near a derelict house, so he’s going to ask people who live in the area if they’ll take a pup in when they’re around 8 weeks old. The people in that area are very poor, so the pups will have to be sponsored for food, medication, medical help, grooming and eventually neutering. We’re going to try to get Tara and her other 2 pups to a vet to be neutered, because we don’t want to see anymore unwanted dogs from her or her litters. This is why donations are vital, one female producing a lot of litters, produces hundreds of unwanted dogs. That’s more dogs for us to take care of.