Here is Barbara less than a month later, about to leave the vet.
The difference is amazing and it’s possible because of your support.

Thank you all so much!

Please help by making a donation to help Barbara and others like her.

Sep 13, 2021

An update on Barbara: Barbara has a fractured hip bone which has to be operated on. The vet will do the operation tonight, so we’re hoping all goes well. Please help us to pay for her surgery and aftercare by donating to:

Sep 10, 2021

Meet Barbara, our latest rescue puppy. Saw Barbara today on the way back from the vet. Such a pitiful sight. Tonight she’ll be well cared for at the shelter. First thing in the morning she’ll go to the vet for a good check over and receive any treatment she needs. Please help us to help her by donating, if possible.

Thank you!!