Aug 19, 2021

Heartbroken… Our little Cookie just died.
His temperature went right down this morning.
The vet did what he could for him, but Cookie sadly didn’t have the energy to fight anymore.

RIP with our Belle, Cookie

Aug 16, 2021

Cookie was sent home yesterday from the vet because his parvo symptoms seemed minimal. Today he’s not eating or drinking and has a bloody discharge. Straight back to the vet to be placed on IV. We’re just hoping and praying he can get through this. We’ve already had such a heartbreaking past few days, losing Ginger, Belle and April. At the same time we’re worrying about vet bills.

Just hoping he’s a tough Cookie!

Aug 14, 2021

More devastating news today. Little Belle died from the parvo.
I’m so glad she had a few days of joy, love and being a puppy before she left us.

RIP Belle, you were loved

Aug 12, 2021

Some sad news today Belle and Cookie had to go to the vet last night because Belle was lethargic, not eating or drinking all day. They’ve both tested positive for parvo. Belle is on IV and Cookie is in isolation. I hope these two babies are strong enough to fight it. They’ve only just started to have the life they deserve and now this. 

We need help paying vets bills. If you’d like to help us, please find details on how to donate here.

Aug 8, 2021

Belle and Cookie, our latest rescues are definitely enjoying their little bed. They’ve got one each, but Cookie snook into Belle’s and has taken over. 

And this is after they have had their breakfast… I doubt they’ve had anything nutritious for a while. They wolf it down, then go crazy for more. They’ll soon get used to the idea they’re getting fed regularly though. 

Both been bathed and enjoying snoozeville

Aug 6, 2021

Just been to the puppy dumping spot and rescued these two little babies. Both frightened, starving and hiding in the foliage at the side of the road. Poor little things left to fend for themselves. Both had a little feed, a drink and now cosy having a snooze. Little black female has had a shower already. The other puppy was too snuggled to disturb. 

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