May 7, 2021

A little update about Brandy: 

He’s now home after having a plate put in his pelvis and recovering nicely. Thank you to all who donated to help this little fella.

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April 24, 2021

Brandy update:

He has a fracture to his left hind leg He also has a hernia. They’re going to put him on IV treatment, antibiotics and painkillers. The leg will be observed to see if there’s any nerve damage. He’s still in shock. Poor little guy has been prodded and poked quite a bit after a 3 hour journey. I hope he has a good snooze tonight. Will update when I get more news.

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This is Brandy. He’s a 3 month old puppy and just been hit by motorcycle. The owner lives on my gang, so he brought him straight to me. He can’t afford to get him to the vet and most certainly can’t afford the vet bill. Brandy’s in shock, so we have to get him there as soon as possible. According to the owner, the bike hit his back end, but I’ve also seen grazing under his front leg and the top of his head.

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