Remember the really bad condition Sam was when we rescued him? He’s absolutely thriving now!  Thank you to all who donated to turn this little guys life around.  

To help more dogs like Sam, donations gratefully received:

Thank you!!


Apr 23, 2021

Please let me introduce you to Sam, our latest little rescue. Sam was waiting outside a local shop for customers to feed him. He’s tiny, around 2 months old, has no fur because he has demodex mange. I scooped him up straight away. He’s so cute! Took him to the vet where they took blood samples and skin scrapes. He’s got good blood. He’s been put on med’s for his skin condition and we’re applying coconut oil to his skin 3 times a day because he’s so sore, crusty and dry. Some parts are raw where he’s scratched and bitten to try and ease the itching. Hopefully he’ll start to recover soon and we’ll see some fur growing back. He’s a little character and we love him already.