This is Lydia, we rescued her almost 4 weeks ago.

We couldn’t show images at that time because she was in such a dire state and we were already receiving abuse for not immediately putting a dog to sleep in a similar state. We listen to the vet’s advice and would never prolong suffering unnecessarily. Lydia has stayed at the clinic the whole time and received intensive care from the team there. The result so far is incredible. She’s got a life ahead of her now, when it could have been a totally different story. She has a way to go, but we know it’s just a process of healing, instead of fighting for her life.

We want to thank everyone for the support, donations and the messages we receive. Without you, we wouldn’t exist and dogs like Lydia would die without a single soul caring for her. You’ve helped so many it’s impossible to put into words how grateful we are.

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