Apr 23, 2021

I don’t know if you need to see cute puppies, but here they are anyway, Cindy’s babies. The other one was feeding.


Apr 19, 2021

This lovely street dog has had a litter of pups. My friend bought a bed for them and used an old door to shelter them for now. She was on her way to the South. We will try to bring the mother and babies to the shelter tomorrow, but we don’t have enough room for them when they start to grow. My friend said we can go and look at some cheap land tomorrow and build a little wooden shelter where at least they’ll be safe and fed, away from the busy roads. We will employ someone to look after them daily. Hopefully we can get them adopted or fostered out soon. For this we need to raise around £2000. That’s for the land rental, electric, water & the building cost. This will also accommodate other dogs in need. Please help if you can by donating to: paypal.me/lovinaAW