We’re overjoyed at how well Chalky’s doing. 

Today she’s up & about looking sprightly! We’re so grateful to all who have donated & shared our tweets. Thank you also for the lovely messages.

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Apr 17, 2022

A little update on Chalky: Today she’s brighter & eating small amounts of wet food. Hopefully a sign that she’s on the road to recovery. 

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We have many dogs under our care and need to keep them fed, watered, sterilised, clean, sheltered etc… Even a small donation can make a huge difference.

A happy dog is a healthy dog! Thank you all for your continued support and wonderful messages, you’re as much a part of this as we are smile

Apr 16, 2022

An update on Chalky: She vomitted a lot during the night, so the vet gave medication to help her. Today she’ll fast until 6pm, then they’ll try her with some food. She’s taking in a little liquid. More details on her injuries… Pancreas and intestines were chopped into, so the vet had to stitch her up. I will update as I receive updates. Hopefully Chalky will start to feel better as the day goes along.

Apr 15, 2022

Some awful news today. Some evil person walking by Chalky’s house hacked into her side with a scythe! She was rushed to the vet for emergency treatment and the vet operated straight away. Luckily she is doing OK, but lost a lot of blood. The person who did it got away because the owner was too busy trying to tend to Chalky. I just can’t wrap my head around how anyone could hurt her for no reason. 

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We will keep you updated.