The Lovina Animal Welfare team

What We Do

Rescuing Animals

We aim to save, protect and improve the lives of animals on the north part of Bali, Indonesia.

Prime care, food and equipment

Food packages are an ongoing cost for us, regular donations help us tremendously.

Setting up a shelter

We have found a place for a new shelter. Any donation will be of great help to get the materials and workers paid.

Vetinary cost

The veterinary cost and cost for medication is often really high. The most common diseases in dogs need to be treated thoroughly.

£36 puppy/£39 adult package

These include 6 packets of puppy milk formula (for puppies only), 10kg of dry dog food, Dentastix, flea & tick collars, dog anti-septic cream, mange spray, shampoo, worming, dog bowl, 2ml de-tick formula, fish-oil capsules, flea comb and a tennis ball.


Vetinary cost

The most common diseases in dogs are Parvo, Kennel cough, Mange, Distemper, Worms and Rabies and these need to be treated thoroughly. But also x-rays and operations are often needed due to dogs which are starved, abused or neglected. That’s why it is important we spay or neuter the dogs too. Please help to get these dogs a good healthy life going forward.


Lovina Animal Welfare (North Bali Animal Aid) is a registered yayasan (charity). Registration no: 5020083151102067