May 20, 2021

Look at Bronkseh. He’s such a beautiful boy and ever so happy with us. He’s still having acupuncture, but even with his twitch he’s managing to run and play. 

Thank you to our donors for helping him have a better life!

Here he is with our little Sam.

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Thank you!!

Bronkseh’s home!  

He has to go back to the vet twice weekly for acupuncture, a long journey but if it works it will be worth it. He’s so adorable. 

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Thank you!!

Apr 23, 2021

An update on Bronkseh: The vet has decided to not go ahead with the amputation after further examination. He said with the body twitching his leg helps keep him balanced, so we’re looking at other options. To try to calm down the twitching he will receive accupuncture. This isn’t guaranteed to work, but we have to give it a shot.

Today he’ll be neutered. He’s had a bath and grooming session.

Look at how cute he is!

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Will keep you all posted.


Apr 21, 2021

Yesterday was a very busy rescue day. After bringing Cindy and her pup’s to the shelter, we went straight back out to rescue another little dog that we had been told about. They gave us a location and little description of the dog. We searched the area for about an hour, but to no avail. We then asked a street stall holder and she told us she knew the dog, but she only sees him in the morning and then at around 6pm. She then said he may be at the temple down a side road. He goes there, but he gets beaten because the congregation don’t want him there. And that’s where we found him.

This poor little fella is such a pitiful sight. Of course we have to do everything we can to help him! As soon as we got him into the car we took him straight to the vet.

Where to begin with his long list of illness, injuries and infection? After being examined and an X-ray they found he is post-distemper, which is why he has the bounce effect, because it has affected his nerves and respiratory system. He has wounds from a dog attack and beatings. His front leg has osteoarthritis and calcified on two of the joints. He has blood parasites and mange. Also, he has severe malnurition and is dehydrated. 

Even after all this, the vet gave us some hope. Obviously we never want any of our rescues to have a life of prolonged suffering, so we always ask what the chances are that the dog will recover well enough to have a pain free, comfortable life, even with effects from post-disease.

The vet in this instance said ‘Bronkseh’ can cope with the post effects of distemper and will have injections to help relieve his breathing. His leg however is a problem. It’s causing him pain and cannot be cured. They advised amputation is the best solution, so today, Bronkseh is having his operation. Fingers crossed all goes smoothly. At the same time they will neuter him. After that, he will receive anti-parasite drugs and monitor his recovery. 

He has already fought hard to get this far, so now we want to make sure he has the best possible chance of continuing, but with love and all the care and support he deserves. We can only continue to help these dogs with your support.

While we are extremely grateful for any donations we receive, they have dropped drastically over the past 2 months, but the work has to continue. So please, give whatever you can and share widely. We thank you all for your support and the wonderful messages of love and encouragement, it really does mean so much and gives hope for so many dogs to have the better life they deserve.

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